Respiratory Therapy


Respiratory Therapy is an individually designed service, specifically provided in the home, intended to provide preventative, maintenance, and rehabilitative airway-related techniques and procedures. Respiratory Therapy services include:

  • application of medical gases, humidity and aerosols;
  • intermittent positive pressure;
  • continuous artificial ventilation;
  • administration of drugs through inhalation and related airway management;
  • individual care; and
  • instruction administered to the waiver participant and natural supports.

Provider Qualifications

Respiratory Therapy may be provided by a Certified Home Health Agency licensed under Article 36 of the New York Public Health Law or a provider of Respiratory Therapy and Equipment, and approved as a provider of this waiver service by DOH.

Respiratory Therapy services can not be provided to a participant without a physicians' written order which is obtained by the Respiratory Therapy agency. The Respiratory Therapy provider must obtain and maintain all physician's orders in the waiver participant's file at the agency according to existing regulations for Respiratory Therapy.

Staff providing Respiratory Therapy must be a Respiratory Therapist currently registered and licensed pursuant to Article 164 of the NYS Education Department.


Respiratory Therapy must be provided by a DOH approved provider and must be included in the SP to be reimbursed.

Respiratory Therapy is provided on an individual, per visit basis.

Respiratory Therapy providers participating in Team Meetings will be reimbursed at the per visit rate for their time at the Team Meeting.