Respite Services


Respite Services is an individually designed service intended to provide relief to natural (informal), non-paid supports who provide primary care and support to a waiver participant. This is usually provided for participants who are in need of oversight and supervision as a discrete task. The primary location for the provision of this service is in the waiver participant's home. Respite Services are provided in a 24-hour block of time.

Services may be provided in another home in the community if this is acceptable to the waiver participant and the people living in the other dwelling. If a waiver participant is interested in seeking a brief respite in a nursing home, this can be accomplished through a Scheduled Short Term Admission, and is not considered a Waiver Service.

Provider Qualifications

Providers of Respite Services must meet the same standards and qualifications as the direct care providers of HCSS. If the services needed by the waiver participant exceed the type of care and support provided by the HCSS, then other appropriate providers must be included in the plan for Respite Services and will be reimbursed separately from Respite Services.


Respite Services must be provided by a DOH approved provider of HCSS and included in the SP to be reimbursed.

Respite Services are provided in blocks of 24 consecutive hours, billed on a daily-rate basis. Since Respite Services is provided on an intermittent basis, the SC must determine when participation in Team Meetings is appropriate.