Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Environmental and Construction Standards

The mission of this committee is to examine the current building, construction and physical plant codes for health care facilities in the wake of extreme weather experienced recently with Hurricanes Irene and Lee and Superstorm Sandy. This forum will be an opportunity to share the lessons learned and the research conducted by government agencies, health care providers, design professionals, major construction companies and understand its effects on consumers and the general public.

In May of 2013, the Department announced that there would be a moratorium on new construction and major renovation projects for health care facilities located in costal flood areas. The work of this committee will address what changes are needed and will build upon the work already done by NYC and FEMA.

The primary deliverable is a set of recommendations to be presented to the PHHPC for approval. Recommendations will include storm mitigation strategies and revisions to the current set of design and building codes that apply to health care facilities in NYS. The E&CS committee is expected to meet four times over the course of the summer of 2013 with the first meeting scheduled for June 7th. One of the goals of the June 7th meeting is to identify the specific land areas affected by the moratorium. This will provide assistance to providers to know if their facility (or their proposed facility) is affected.

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