Committee on Health Planning

Advises the Council on need-methodologies, health facility plans, and emerging health care issues. Monitors major health care initiatives and advises the Council on progress and/or problems. The Committee will also include functions from the SHPRC's Committee on Major Medical Equipment and Appropriateness whose responsibilities were to develop and review appropriateness standards (Part 708) for various services. The Committee evaluates high technology equipment, and advises the Council on such specialized services as organ transplants. The Committee will also take into consideration matters relative to the collaboration with the Rural Health Council. The Committee will also handle matters that were considered under the SHPRC's Information Systems Review Committee whose general purpose was to advance a framework for CON to ensure interoperable health information technology is an underpinning to health care delivery and supports health care stakeholders. Advise the DOH on health information policy relevant to health care stakeholders.