2022 Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements (QARR)

January 3, 2022

RE: Clarification #2 for Measurement Year (MY) 2022 Updates

Dear Colleague,

This email and attached letter contain information about edits incorporated into the 2022 Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements (QARR) Technical Specifications for Measurement Year (MY) 2022 reporting.

The information contained in this clarification has been incorporated into a revised version of the MY2022 PLD File Specifications.

The updated MY2022 PLD File Specifications are posted on our Managed Care Information for Health Plans page. The revised specifications should be used in plans’ processing for MY2022 QARR.

Listed below are the changes and further explanation:

The following edits were made to the MY2022 PLD File Specifications:
  • Medicaid - Added Prenatal Depression Screening and Follow-Up-Electronic (PND-E) measure; it was inadvertently cut off in the previous release
  • Medicaid - Added Race and Ethnicity Column to General Info
  • Medicaid - Clarified that the IET age stratification is columns 306-316 is 18-84 and not 18+
  • Commercial, Medicaid, and Exchange - There were multiple places where the column start did not begin in the correct location, creating duplicate column figures. This has been corrected

If there are any questions about the above edits, or if you find issues or have concerns with the 2022 Technical Specifications manual or the Medicaid MY2022 PLD File Specifications, please email nysqarr@health.ny.gov.

New York State Department of Health
Office of Quality and Patient Safety
Center for Applied Research and Evaluation (CARE)
T: (518)486-9012
e: nysqarr@health.ny.gov


Paloma Luisi, MPH
Bureau of Quality Measurement & Evaluation
Center for Applied Research and Evaluation
Office of Quality and Patient Safety

CC: M.B. Conroy
       M. Lurie