Application To Provide Health Home Services to Managed Fee-For-Service Dual Eligible Individuals

Eligible Applicants

NYS Designated Provider-Led Health Homes

The New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) is now accepting applications from State Designated Provider-Led Health Homes that can demonstrate the ability to provide integrated care coordination to dual eligible individuals. This applies to recipients of Medicare Part A, B, and D benefits and all Medicaid State Plan benefits (mandatory and optional) that have two or more chronic conditions, HIV/AIDS and risk developing another chronic condition or one serious and persistent mental health condition, and do not require 120 or more days of long-term supports and services (LTSS). This Managed Fee-For-Service (MFFS) Health Home Dual Eligible Program will be implemented statewide effective January 2013.

The goals of this MFFS Dual Eligible Program will be to: 1) reduce avoidable hospital admissions and emergency room visits; 2) reduce uncoordinated, fragmented, duplicative and unnecessary care; 3) provide timely follow up care; 4) reduce health care costs; 5) decrease admissions to long term care facilities; and 6) improve the experience and quality of care outcomes for the individual. The MFFS Health Home Dual Eligible Program will also coordinate and provide access to long-term care supports and services; for beneficiaries needing less than 120 days of these services and manage transitions to other programs as the needs of the individual change.

Medicaid Health Home Provider Application Deadline

The MFFS Dual Eligible Program Application for interested designated Health Homes seeking to provide Health Home services to the MFFS Dual population will be submitted to the Department for consideration through an online web application. The application is due by midnight, December 17, 2012.

Applicants should contact the Department electronically to receive instructions on how to proceed to apply at this address:

Please include in the Subject line: MFFS Dual Eligible application

Note: Interested applicants will receive a response from the department within 24-48 hours after inquiry.

Questions and More information

If you have any questions, please contact the Health Home mailbox with the subject line: "Managed FFS Dual Health Home Program".