1915(c) Children's Waiver and 1115 Waiver Amendments

As part of the Children's Medicaid System Redesign, the 1915(c) Children's Waiver and 1115 Demonstration Waiver work together to offer an array of services to provide the right support, in the right amount, at the right time to maintain children/youth in their homes or in their communities in the least restrictive settings. The goals of the Children's Waiver are to keep children/youth on their developmental trajectory, identify needs early and intervene, focus on recovery and building resilience, prevent escalation and need for higher-end services, maintain accountability for improved outcomes and delivery of quality care, and make more services available to children/youth from birth to age 21.

This site provides information related to the Children's Waiver - including guidance and resources for providers, care managers, managed care organizations, families, and community stakeholders. Any questions related to the Children's Waiver may be submitted to: BH.Transition@health.ny.gov

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