Transition from the Public Health Emergency (PHE) for Health Home Plus (HH+) Members

Effective April 1, 2023, Changes to Plan of Care (POC) Flexibilities and In-Person Requirements for Health Home Participants

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In consideration of stakeholder feedback for the transition out of the PHE, the State will be granting Health Homes/Care Management Agencies (CMA) a transition period of four (4) months to resume minimum in-person contact requirements for HH+ services.

This guidance rescinds and supersedes the 3/14/20 COVID-19 Guidance for Health Homes issued to Health Homes Serving Adults, Health Homes Serving Children, CCO/Health Homes and Care Management Agencies.

Effective August 1, 2023, flexibilities afforded to Specialty Mental Health Care Management Agencies (SMH CMA) in the "Supplemental Information for Executive Order No. 202 for Health Home Plus Specialty Mental Health Care Management Agencies" (August 4, 2021) will discontinue. SMH CMAs will no longer be able to use audio or video contact in lieu of the in- person contacts required for HH+ SMI services. HH+ SMI service requires four (4) core services per month, two (2) of which must be done in-person; for individuals receiving Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT), four (4) core services must be in-person per month.

HH+ for Persons living with HIV require a minimum of four (4) core services per month. At least two (2) of the four (4) core services must be in person. Of the two in person contacts, one of the two must be with the care manager/coordinator. The second in-person contact may alternatively be conducted by members of the Health Home care team where care management agencies have elected to implement a team model.

For HH+ SMI and HH+ HIV: If the minimum HH+ service requirements are not provided to a HH+ eligible member in a given month, but at least one (1) HH core service was provided, the Health Home High Risk/High Need rate code may be billed; see the applicable Health Home Plus guidance for full details.

Guidance on requirements specific to Children's Health Home services and CCO/HHs for Individuals with I/DD will be issued separately.

Any questions can be directed to the Health Home BML