Community Care Management Partners Health Home (A/C)

*Note: Health Homes with an (A/C) next to them serve both children and adults. Health Homes with a (C) serve children only and Health Homes with an (A) serve adults only.

The contact information is the most current information submitted to the department by individual Health Homes. Updates to this contact information will occur as the department is notified by the individual Health Home.

Designated: Phases 1 and 2
Designated to serve children as of December 8, 2016

Counties serving adults: Bronx, New York (Manhattan)
Counties serving children: Bronx, Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Queens

(Readiness Activities Continuing, Not Authorized to Operate in the following county: Staten Island)


Main Contact: Phil Opatz, 212–290–6467
Alternate Contact: Teresa Hill, 212–465–2741
Referral Contact: Teresa Hill, 212–465–2741
Referral Contact: Stephanie Garcia, 212–609–1838
Referral Number: 888–682–1377


Designated Contact: Phil Opatz, 212–290–6467
Referral Contact: Teresa Hill, 212–465–2741


Network Partner List – Last Updated January 18, 2016 (XLS)

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