FIDA Plans for Calendar Year 2019

Organization name FIDA Plan Name Kings Queens Bronx New York Richmond Westchester Suffolk Nassau Participant Phone Number TTY Number FIDA Website
Centers Plan for Healthy Living, LLC FIDA Care Complete X X X X X       1–800–466–2745 1–800–421–1220
Elderplan, Inc. Elderplan FIDA Total Care X X X X X     X 1–855–462–3167 711
Elderserve Health, Inc. RiverSpring FIDA Plan (used to be Elderserve ) X X X X X X   X 1–800–950–9000 1–866–236–5800
Managed Health (HealthFirst) Healthfirst AbsoluteCare FIDA Plan X X X X X X   X 1–855–675–7630 711–insurance/2017–healthfirst–absolutecare–fida–plan–medicare–medicaid–plan/
Senior Whole Health of New York, Inc. SWH Whole Health FIDA X X X X         1–844–861–3432 711–new–york/swh–whole–health–fully–integrated–duals–advantage–fida/welcome–participants.html
VNS Choice VNSNY Choice FIDA Complete X X X X X     X 1–866–783–1444 711–a–plan/long–term–care/vnsny–choice–fida–complete–0