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New York State is well positioned to lead the nation in Medicaid reform. Former Governor Cuomo´s Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) has developed a multi-year action plan (A Plan to Transform the Empire State´s Medicaid Program) that if fully implemented will not only improve health outcomes for more than five million New Yorkers but also bend the state´s Medicaid cost curve. Significant federal savings have already been realized through New York´s MRT process and substantial savings will also accrue as part of this action plan.

A groundbreaking Medicaid 1115 waiver will be necessary to fully implement the MRT action plan. The waiver will allow the state to reinvest in its health care infrastructure as well as the freedom to innovate. The waiver will also allow the state to prepare for implementation of national health care reform as well as effectively bend the cost curve for the state´s overall health care system. This web page provides resources to those who are interested in the MRT waiver amendment and would like to participate in the process.

NYS MRT Waiver Amendment Request

New York officially submitted its request to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on August 6, 2012.

Medicaid Redesign Team Waiver Amendment: Information and Fact Sheet

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Follow-Up Responses to CMS Questions

New York State Stakeholder Letters of Support

Waiver Amendment Overview Presentation

This presentation provides an overview of the MRT Waiver Amendment process, and is the presentation shown at the MRT Public Forums.

Waiver Amendment Document Summary

This document provides an overview of the 1115 waiver amendment that the state is seeking to implement. This summary represents a first step in both a state-federal dialog as well as state-stakeholder discussion on how a new Medicaid waiver can help implement the MRT plan and prepare the state for national health care reform. This document will continue to evolve as a result of those important discussions.

MRT Action Plan

The MRT Action Plan is a multi-year roadmap to a program and a system that is affordable and will produce good outcomes for all New Yorkers, based on the recommendations of the Medicaid Redesign Team.

Stakeholder Engagement Process

Information on public hearings and ways to provide provide comments and stay informed on the state´s waiver amendment application.

  • The Department of Health is working with the Planning Committee of the Public Health and Health Planning Council to develop a regional health planning framework for New York State. New York´s 1115 waiver amendment application includes a regional planning component along with a refined map. The Planning Committee is advancing a refined map, based on Former Governor Cuomo´s Regional Economic Development Council boundaries, with some modifications to account for existing health planning infrastructure. The Planning Committee and the Department are seeking comments from stakeholders concerning these revised regions. Please send your comments to: by October 1st.

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