Title 10 - Section 66-2.1 - Definitions

Effective Date: 09/23/1992

Section 66-2.1 Definitions

  • "Institution" means a college, university or other institution for higher education authorized to confer degrees.
  • "Student" means any person born on or after January 1, 1957, who is registered to attend or attends classes at an institution whether full-time or part-time. "Part-time student" means a student enrolled for at least six, but less than twelve semester hours, or the equivalent, per semester or at leaser four but less than eight semester hours per quarter in an approved degree or registered certificate program in a degree-granting institution. "Full-time student" means a student enrolled for twelve or more semester hours, or the equivalent, per semester or eight or more semester hours per quarter.
  • "Immunization" means an adequate dose or doses of an immunizing agent against measles, mumps and rubella which meets standards approved by the United States public health service for such biological products and which is approved by the state department of health under such conditions as may be specified by the public health council.
  • "Health Practitioner" means any person authorized by law to administer an immunization.
  • "Attendance" means the physical presence of the student at the institution and shall begin on the first scheduled day of classes for a student each semester.
  • "School" means a public, private or parochial elementary, intermediate or secondary school building.
  • "Certificate of Immunization" means that document, prepared by the health practitioner who administres an immunization, which specified the products administered and the dates of asdministration (See Public Health Law 2165(5).) It may also show physician-verified history of disease and/or laboratory evidence of immunity. "Certificate of Immunization" shall also mean an immunization record submitted by the institution or school which the student previously attended, which specifies the products administered and the dates of administration and whose source was a certificate of immunization from a health practitioner.

Volume: A-1a