Priority Area: Healthy Environment - Foodborne Disease

Preventing foodborne Disease

The NYSDOH is committed to preventing foodborne disease outbreaks. Surveillance is conducted for all foodborne disease outbreaks, investigating all disease agents, food sources and the places where foods are prepared or eaten. Based on analyses of surveillance information, outreach and prevention strategies are implemented. Foodborne disease outbreaks can be prevented by control or elimination of hazards using a variety of interventions.


  • By the year 2013, reduce by 10% annually the number of foodborne outbreaks to which infected food workers or improper temperatures are contributing factors. For the period 2000-2004, at total of 289 outbreaks were reported with 40 outbreaks identifying an ill worker as the contributing factor. Prevention support activities will include:
    • Provide training to food service establishment inspection staff and foodborne illness outbreak investigation staff regarding the importance of rapid response and sample collection during foodborne illness outbreaks.
    • Continue to work with other state and federal food protection agencies to ensure the rapid dissemination of information to prevent further spread of illness.

Data and Statistics

Strategies - The Evidence Base for Effective Interventions

Evidence-based and promising strategies to promote a healthy environment by reducing risks of foodborne illness are summarized in the following reports, codes and manual:



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