Update Reports for the Prevention Agenda

2010 LHD Update for the Prevention Agenda

In 2010, each LHD was asked for an update on their county's progress toward planning and implementing strategies described in the 2010-2013 Community Health Assessments. The purpose of the survey was to assess what LHDs have done toward addressing the community's selected Prevention Agenda priorities; their progress toward implementing local plans; the challenges they are facing; and technical assistance they need. A report on the findings from this survey can be found here: Prevention Agenda 2010 Update: Local Health Departments (PDF, 247KB, 4pg).

2010 Hospital Update for the Prevention Agenda

Chronic Disease, Access to Care, and Physical Activity and Nutriton are identified as community priorities by more than half the hospitals in the state, according to the 2010 Community Service Plan reports. The 2010 Summary: Hospital Community Service Plans (PDF, 181KB, 3pg) outlines the approaches used by hospitals, identifies the characteristics of strong Community Service Plans and describes how these findings correlate with the work done by local health department