Careers in Public Health

Hear from a NYSDOH staffer about their day working at a children's camp and find out if it could be the right job for you!

For a more in-depth look into a day working at a children's camp, see the 2.5-minute video.

Why pursue a career in public health?

Public health is a diverse and growing field that offers many career options for people from a variety of educational backgrounds. Whether you are interested in biology, education, business or anything in between, chances are that you will find a position you enjoy in the field of public health. Public health professionals are essential to keeping our communities safe and healthy, and the work they do is extremely rewarding.

Benefits of a Career in Public Health

A public health career with New York's state and local health departments offers a wide array of benefits.

  • Civil Service: State and local governmental employees enter into positions through the Civil Service Merit System. Positions in state government provide competitive pay, excellent health and retirement benefits, generous leave programs and job security.
  • Civil Service Examinations: Through these examinations, state and local governmental employees have regular and continuous opportunities for career advancement and transfer positions. The exams also allow for specific job matching to education, training and experience.
  • Continuing Education and Staff Development Training: State and local health departments encourage employees to remain current with topics in public health and their individual fields. Depending on the agency, tuition benefits, Professional Conference Leave and other programs may be available to facilitate this ongoing education.
  • Fulfilling Work: A job with New York's state or local health departments provides individuals with the opportunity to protect the public's health, help individuals and communities and make a significant contribution to science and the field of public health.


More Information

  • New York State - Jobs in Local Government
  • Fellowship in Applied Public Health | University at Albany - The NYS Fellowship in Applied Public Health (FAPH) is a specialized public health training program that prepares physicians, veterinarians, and other advanced licensed health care professionals for leadership roles in state and local health departments. The program is jointly sponsored by the University at Albany and the New York State Department of Health.
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