Getting Started

Public health jobs exist at the New York State Department of Health, in county health departments and at the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene.

Where Do I Start?

(1) Determine which types of jobs interest you

(2) Understand the hiring process

Regardless of where the position is found, the hiring process for government employers is governed by Civil Service Law and Rules. Appointments and promotions in the New York State civil service, as well as local civil service, are made according to principles of "merit and fitness" as mandated by the New York State Constitution. Candidates can compete for competitive class positions by participating in competitive civil service examinations. These examinations assess candidates' knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for performing the job. Examinations could be written or could involve an evaluation of the applicant's education and experience.

For some positions, examinations are given on a periodic basis, while for others, applications are accepted and exams given on a "continuous recruitment" basis. If a vacancy occurs when a list of examined applicants is not available, a vacancy may be posted and candidates meeting the minimum qualifications may be appointed provisionally (subject to eventually taking the exam and scoring high enough for permanent appointment).

(3) Obtain information about examinations and current vacancies of interest

Opportunities with the New York State Department of Health - Access current examination announcements and general information about the civil service process on the New York State Department of Civil Service website. This website contains a listing of examination announcements for all state positions on several linked pages (Open to All Qualified Individuals for exams given periodically, and three linked pages for Continuous Recruitment exams).

Current vacancies with the Department of Health can be found at the Department's employment page.

Jobs with county health departments - You can access current announcements about examinations and vacancies, and other information, on the website for each county of interest. Links to each county civil service agency can be found at Municipal Civil Service Agencies. Some county examinations and openings are also listed on the New York State Association of County Health Officials site.

Careers at the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene - information can be found at the agency's website. Interested individuals may also opt to send resumes, via mail, to DOHMH 125 Worth Street #930 New York, NY 10013.

(4) Apply!

The process may seem daunting, but don't be discouraged – applying is generally easier than it appears on paper. Depending on the position, you may need to apply directly for a vacancy, or for an examination.

Review each exam or vacancy announcement carefully to determine the appropriate steps.