Child Passenger Safety Coalition Sullivan County Public Health Services

Child Passenger Safety Coalition

From left to right:

  • Kyle Henry
  • Jill Beach
  • Elizabeth Bradfield
  • Patricia Bennett

Pat Bennett, Healthy Families Program Supervisor, and Jill Beach, Family Support Worker were instrumental in the formation of the Sullivan County Child Passenger Safety Seat Coalition, and the coordination of the car seat program. Kyle Henry, Public Health Nurse, and Liz Bradfield, Public Health Program Coordinator, volunteered to become certified car seat technicians: duties beyond their regular job responsibilities. These members, plus 4 technicians from other agencies and programs in the county make up the coalition.

Sullivan County has one of the highest motor vehicle accident injury rates in the state. Although the total number of motor vehicle accidents have increased from 2005-2007, the number of fatal and non-fatal personal injury accidents decreased for children between the ages of 4-6 by nearly 40%, and under age 4 by 80%.

The Coalition has been successful in promoting health education regarding child passenger safety, giving presentations, recruiting individuals from other organizations to become technicians, and increasing the community's awareness of child passenger safety issues. Their energy, passion and commitment are evident through their ongoing involvement and dedication to this program.

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