Oswego County Health Department Environmental Division, Oswego County Health Department

Oswego County Health Department Environmental Division

Back Row:

  • Jiancheng Huang, Christopher Williams, Chistopher Masuicca, Dorothy Cloonan, Natalie Roy, Judy Grandy, Matthew Watson, John Harper

Front Row:

  • Marlea Munger, William Havener, Marianne O'Hara, Jean Balcom, Marilyn Loughrey, Judy Naioti, Kim Grant, Melissa Walker, Brenda Lavery, Evan Walsh

Not pictured:

  • Adele Trenca

The staff members in the Environmental Division of the Oswego County Health Department (OCHD) work collaboratively within and beyond the Division to protect the County's food and water supplies, environmental safety, and to monitor and control zoonotic diseases. The Division consists of 18 employees.

In 2012, Environmental Division staff overcame challenges from competitive priorities, resource shortages, and increased public demands. Environmental staff inspected more than 1,100 facilities and water supply programs, vaccinated more than 3,500 pets and domestic animals for rabies, and collected 861 samples for environmental protection and monitoring. In addition to serving as a regulating agency, the Division strived to educate small business owners and their employees to the importance of public health, and encouraged them to partner for both public health and business growth. The Environmental Divisions' dedication to public health exemplifies OCHD staff's professionalism and respect to everyone who interact with employees of Oswego County Health Department.

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