Ana Rodriguez, Bilingual Outreach Worker, Sullivan County Public Health Services

Ana Rodriguez, Bilingual Outreach Worker

  • 7 years of service

Ana Rodriguez has served as the Bilingual Outreach Worker for Sullivan County Public Health Services since 2008. Addressing the needs of underserved and undocumented Latino populations, she emphasizes the importance of self-sufficiency when promoting health for individuals and their families. Ana helps her clients develop skills to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers to accessing medical and prenatal care by connecting them with resources to learn English as a second language. She provides translation and interpretation services for public health clinic appointments, maternal and child health programs, and joint visits with public health nurses. Her work helps to reduce the risk for preterm labor and associated costs, while helping to increase compliance with vaccination and medication regimes for prevention of communicable diseases. Ana has built a nurturing and trusting bridge between the public health staff and the Latino population, resulting in a positive impact on the health of this vulnerable population and the community she serves.

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