Eileen O’Connor, Director of Environmental Health Division, Cayuga County Health Department

Eileen O’Connor, Director of Environmental Health Division

  • 22 years of service

Eileen O’Connor has been an outstanding Director of the Environmental Health Division in Cayuga County for over 20 years. Her comprehension, historical recollection, knowledge of current regulations and ability to convey the specifics of public health issues in a comprehensive and understandable manner is unsurpassed. Eileen understands the full picture of public health and how issues intertwine. She has strong relationships with community, state and other experts. Due to her demeanor and knowledge, she is highly respected amongst her colleagues within and outside the department. Protection of the Cayuga County watersheds stands out amongst her efforts. Environmental issues such as watershed protection, sanitation, pollution, invasive species, and so many others, can be daunting, controversial and at times frustrating. Eileen’s fact based information and persistent, patient and collegial approach to working relationships have and continue to make positive impacts on the health of our water, our environment and the community.

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