Communicable Disease Team, Tompkins County Health Department

Communicable Disease Team, Tompkins County Health Department


  • Melissa Gatch, Supervising Community Health Nurse, Nanette Scogin, Community Health Nurse, and Amy Hopkins, Community Health Nurse.

Not pictured:

  • Barbara Butcher, Community Health Nurse.

The Communicable Disease Team's exemplary work in case investigations, in particular Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), has been recognized with a perfect score of 100% in the NYSDOH 2014- 2015 Performance Incentive Initiative. The Department measured adequacy of gonorrhea treatment, the completeness of syphilis serology records and the reporting of the timeliness and completeness of communicable disease reports and investigations over a 6 month period. During this same time the Team worked with community partners including colleges and universities to address an increase in STIs. The team created an outreach plan that crossed all sectors of the community using multiple unique communication tools to spread the word about getting tested.

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