Accreditation Coordinators, Nassau County Department of Health

Accreditation Coordinators, Nassau County Department of Health

Dr. Tavora Buchman, Director, Division of Epidemiology and Planning, and Celina Cabello, Epidemiologist, Director, Bureau of Analytics

Tavora and Celina worked for over 5 years as Accreditation coordinators for the Nassau County Department of Health in their successful Accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). They sought input of members of the community, as well as feedback and collaboration of community based organizations to ensure that efforts were to the benefit of all residents of Nassau County. The process of seeking Accreditation is rigorous requiring development of six major plans. These include a Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan requiring the participation, feedback and collaboration of local community based organizations and hospitals; a Strategic Plan; Quality Improvement Plan; Emergency Operations Plan; and a Workforce Development Plan, as well as meeting over 100 National standards and Measures and over 300 individually required pieces of documentation.

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