Environmental Services Division, Oneida County Health Department

Environmental Services Division

Seated left to right:
Jennifer Manion, Senior Public Health Sanitarian; Jackie St. Thomas, Principal Clerk; Francis Zimmer, Senior Public Health Sanitarian; Richard Garett O'Brien, Public Health Technician I; Bobbi Kahl, Senior Public Health Sanitarian

Standing left to right:
Jesse Hawkridge, Public Health Technician II; Kathleen Paciello, Program Coordinator; Mathew Lince, Public Health Technician I; Daniel Gilmore, Environmental Health Director; Joseph Patterson, Senior Public Health Sanitarian; Eric Lemieux, Senior Public Health Sanitarian

Not pictured:
Michael Cirmo, Public Health Sanitarian; Eric Jackson, Public Health Sanitarian; Betty Ryan-Goldych, Principal Clerk; Sandy Sangiacomo, Clerk; Breanna Storey, Clerk

The Environmental Services Division overcame many challenges in 2017 including low staffing, damaged municipal UV disinfection equipment, and multiple outbreak investigations that required Environmental Services and Clinic staff to work extended hours to conduct disease control and prevention work. The joint investigation of a legionella outbreak helped to reduce health disparities and support health equity through uninterrupted protection of water, food supply, and environment in the County. The Division's Lead Poisoning Prevention program and Healthy Neighborhoods program further served to assess health disparities and support health equity for impoverished portions of the County. Throughout 2017 the Environmental Services Divisionteam provided support and coverage for each other to maintain high quality service assuring that all program requirements were achieved, demonstrating a dedication and commitment to keeping Oneida County residents safe and healthy.

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