Jefferson County Home Health Care, Jefferson County Public Health Service

Jefferson County Home Health Care, Jefferson County Public Health Service

Heather Campbell, Supervising Public Health Nurse; Kimberly Goodale, Secretary; Kristen Gagnon, Secretary; Jennifer Morocco, RN; Tina Siembida, Public Health Nurse; Penny Thomas, Secretary; Gladys Serem, RN; Susan Harris, RN; Christopher Hague, RN; Tyler Sorrell, RN; Laurie Woodward, Public Health Nurse; Kelsey Osteen, RN; Troy Mitteer, Supervising Public Health Nurse.

Laurel Carnegie, Licensed Practical Nurse/Home Health Aide Scheduler; Tina Sulier, Licensed Practical Nurse; Margaret Hewitt, Supervising Public Health Nurse; Alyssa Gibbs, Physical Therapist; Amanda Mower, Occupational Therapist; Julie Ward, Physical Therapist; Jeri Fuller, MSW; Candace Gozalkowski, RN; Julie Burgenstock, Embedded CNY Health Home Care Manager.

Not pictured:
Teresa Barns, RN; Beverly Branch, Home Health Aide; Faith Campanaro, RN; Michelle Farrell, Home Health Aide; Melissa Fulton, RN; Katie Hazelwonder, RN; Karen Humphrey, RN; Kathleen Hunter, RN; Jessica Lyndaker, Physical Therapist Assistant; Kala Maguire, RN; Cynthia Mills, RN; Petra O'Connor, Home Health Aide; Robin Phillips, Home Health Aide; Katherine Schuessler, Public Health Nurse; Shawn Smiley, RN; Candace Smith, Home Health Aide.

The Jefferson County Home Health Care team is committed to providing home care services to all in need, particularly the most vulnerable. The team has advanced care strategies to improve quality and measurably reduce costly emergency department visits and rehospitalizations. The team is committed to improving public health in Jefferson County by coordinating and providing care to individuals where they most prefer and want to be, at home. The Jefferson County Home Health Care team's diverse abilities, positive attitude, as well as their dedication, devotion, and excellence toward their work and commitment to working as a team to ensure patients receive the highest quality care and improve health status, make them all outstanding Public Health Works! Nominees.

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