Teresa Shaffer, RN BSN, Public Health Nurse, Ontario County Public Health

Teresa Shaffer, RN BSN

  • 4 Years of Service

Teresa Shaffer has served as Maternal Child Health Nurse and Lead Poisoning Prevention Coordinator since 2012. She provides education and case management to young families, and offers lead poisoning prevention expertise to businesses and community partners. In 2013, Teresa was assigned to provide outreach to the Geneva community. Since then, she has capitalized on opportunities to engage community partners and improve the health of residents. She represented public health on Geneva's "Tools for Social Change" Food Justice Committee which helped detect and address a local food desert. Her work helped identify and address barriers to use of public transportation for grocery shopping by improving policies and bus routes. In 2017, she helped the Food Justice Committee secure funds to purchase a mobile refrigeration unit to keep foods fresh during distribution to food pantries and neighborhood produce stands. Teresa demonstrates how one committed person can find stakeholders, engage a community and help create change.

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