Tuberculosis and Immunization Team, Saratoga County Public Health Services

Tuberculosis and Immunization Team

Left to right:
Anne Burns-Franzese, RN, Part-time RN; Joanne Sweet, BSN, RN, PHN, IAP Coordinator; Joanne Killian, RN, Part-time RN; Jamie Berardi, RN, TB Coordinator; Renee Janack, BSN, RN, PHN, Lead Poisoning Prevention Coordinator; JoAnn Zornes, RN, STD Coordinator

Not pictured:
Shana Phelan, RN, Part-time RN

The Tuberculosis and Immunization Team strive to remove barriers and improve access to care by providing health care services to the uninsured and the homeless. Since 2010 they have provided annual health education, immunizations and Tuberculosis screening with follow up treatment to the Saratoga Race Track Back Stretch workers, and a soup kitchen. This team of nurses travels around the county to provide services to the uninsured and other high-risk communities including Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers and their families that work in the orchards and on the dairy farms of Saratoga County. In 2016 the staff added additional outreach on site for TB, and Flu vaccine immunization services to clients at an addiction recovery center, homeless and Code Blue shelters.

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