Communicable Disease Reporting

Reporting of suspected or confirmed communicable diseases is mandated under the New York State Sanitary Code (10NYCRR 2.10). Although physicians have primary responsibility for reporting, school nurses, laboratory directors, infection control practitioners, daycare center directors, health care facilities, state institutions and any other individuals/locations providing health care services are also required to report communicable diseases.

Reports should be made to the local health department in the county in which the patient resides and need to be submitted within 24 hours of diagnosis. However, some diseases warrant prompt action and should be reported immediately to local health departments by phone. A list of diseases and information on properly reporting them can be found under Communicable Disease Reporting Requirements.

For more information on communicable disease reporting, call your local health department or the New York State Department of Health's Bureau of Communicable Disease Control at (518) 473-4439 or, after hours, at 1 (866) 881-2809; to obtain reporting forms (DOH-389), call (518) 402-5012. In New York City, call 1 (866) NYC-DOH1 (1-866-692-3641) for additional information. Health care personnel in New York City should use the downloadable Universal Reporting Form (PD-16) ; those belonging to NYC MED can complete and submit the form online .

Note: "New York State Hospital-Acquired Infection Reporting System Pilot Year - 2007" is available at:

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