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Statements of Charges

Effective November 3, 2008, in certain conditions, charges in future professional discipline matters may be made public. Please Note: that in some instances these charges are only allegations which may be contested by the licensee in an administrative hearing. In other cases, the licensee did not contest the charges.

Hearing Committee Decision

Decision by the Hearing Committee of the Board for Professional Medical Conduct. The Hearing Committee determines whether or not the physician or physician assistant engaged in misconduct, and, if so, the penalty to be imposed.

Appeals Board Decision

If either party appeals the decision of the Hearing Committee, it is reviewed by the Administrative Review Board of the Board for Professional Medical Conduct. This is the final decision of the Board and supersedes the Hearing Committee. The licensee may appeal either decision in the court system and that decision will be shown as well.

Search Instructions

This website contains public documents pertaining to physician and physician assistant disciplinary actions. If you are checking on your physician, physician assistant or specialist assistant, press the "PHYSICIAN SEARCH" button located on the Physician Search site.

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