Education and Certification

The Education and Certification Unit of the Bureau of EMS plays a vital role in ensuring that emergency medical services personnel across the state are properly trained and qualified. The Unit’s responsibilities encompass:

  • Establishing Regulations and Policy: The Bureau works with stakeholders to set the standards that all EMS providers who wish to practice in New York State must meet to obtain and maintain their certifications. This ensures that all personnel have the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver emergency care competently.
  • Regulatory Oversight of Educational Standards: The Bureau approves and oversees EMS educational programs that meet the established National Curriculum while also credentialing educators to deliver those programs. This ensures that students are provided with the high-quality education and hands-on experience they need to succeed in the field.
  • Issuing certifications to qualified EMS personnel: Once an individual successfully completes an approved training program and passes the relevant certification exams, the Bureau issues them their official EMS certification. This allows them to practice as certified EMS providers within New York state.
  • Supporting providers in maintaining their certification: The Bureau works with providers to maintain their certification through our CME Recertification Program and other educational opportunities that allow for continuing growth and relevance in patient care.

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Continuing Medical Education Program (CME Program)

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