NYS EMS Examination Information

Welcome to the Bureau of EMS Examination Registration Information page. This page will provide you with the information you need to schedule for the New York State written certification examination.

All NYS examinations are being delivered by computer at computer-based testing centers located throughout the state. EMT and CFR students have the option of Live Remote Proctoring. Either of these options are arranged by the student through our testing vendor, PSI.

For students who have just completed a course…

You will automatically receive an exam confirmation email after your end of course date. The chart below will show you when you can expect your exam email. The exam email will be from "PSI/AMP" customer service. Please make sure you double check your Junk/Spam folder in case you do not see it in your Inbox.

Once the student receives the eligibility email from the testing company, they then follow the directions to schedule the examination on the date, time, and location of their choosing.

Students who are having difficulties scheduling an exam…

1. Did not receive an email.

  • If you did not receive your email by the date specified on the chart below, your first step is to talk with your instructor. Please make sure that all your paperwork has been submitted and that the end of course date has passed.
  • Your next step is to contact PSI directly after creating an account. Just because you did not get the email does not mean you cannot register. Your eligibility went to PSI with the rest of your class. To register go to: https://test-takers.psiexams.com/nyems
  • If that does not work, you should contact PSI directly AFTER you have created your account first. Please make sure you have your NYE number which is also your EMT number (ex: NYE123456). If you do not have this, you can receive it from your course instructor.
  • Once you have completed those steps, and you are still not able to register for an exam, you must complete and submit the online form which can be found on our forms page.

2. Completed Course After It's Actual End Date

  • If you completed our course later than everyone else and after your EOC, and are now ready to register, please ensure that all your course paperwork has been submitted by your instructor. If it has, then you must complete and submit the online Request for an Exam form (DOH-4245), which can be found on our forms page.

3. Scheduling A Second Exam

  • You must wait at least two business days from when you took your first exam to when you try to schedule your second.
  • You should contact PSI directly using the same online access you created to schedule your first exam.
  • Make sure that your eligibility has not expired. Remember, you only have one year from the date your course ended to take your exam.

4. Still need assistance after trying the above steps

  • If you are still having difficulties and have gone through the above steps, please fill out our Exam Incident Reporting Form.
  • For Instructor Candidates

    Your exam requests will not be processed unless your completed application and ancillary documents have been received, processed, and approved. You will receive an email one this is done letting you know that you can now schedule your exam.

    Please remember, when you have successfully completed your exam, you will need to email us at ems.instructors@health.ny.gov and let us know.

    Other Important things to remember…

    • We did not use Social Security Numbers with PSI. We use your provider number with "NYE" in front of it. For example, if your provider number is 123456, then your full ID with PSI is NYE123456.
    • Yes, even students have provider numbers. Please ask your instructor for that number if you do not know what it is.
    • Students only have two attempts to pass the exam.
    • Your eligibility to take the exam expires one year (365 days) after your end of course date. For most courses that is the third Thursday of the month in which your course ends.
    • From the submission of a test request using the link provided, it can take seven to ten business days for you to be processed and receive your confirmation to schedule your exam.
    • The phone for customer service at PSI is 833-310-6428.

    This chart will help students who just completed their courses to know when they should receive their emails by:

    2023/2024 End of Course Dates Student should receive email by
    November 16th November 30th
    December 21st January 2nd
    January 18th January 30th
    February 15th February 27th
    March 21st April 2nd
    April 18th April 30th
    May 16th May 28th
    June 20th July 2nd
    July 18th July 30th
    August 15th August 27th
    September 19th October 1st
    October 17th October 29th