Verification Information

If you need to obtain a written verification of your New York State certification please complete the following:

  • If you need certification verification for someone other than yourself please note that the signature required is that of the certified provider, not yourself. This form must be notarized.
  • If you are filing for reciprocity to another state and require verification, please submit the out-of-state verification form provided by your current certifying state via fax or mail.
  • All requests can be mailed or faxed to the following:
    New York State Department of Health
    Bureau of EMS
    875 Central Avenue
    Albany, NY 12206-1388
    Fax (518) 402-0985
    Attn: Verifications

Please include a written directive on how you would like the information supplied back to you. It can be faxed or mailed only.

Allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing.

Verification of New York State Emergency Medical Services certification requires signed consent from the provider. Certification information will not be supplied over the phone.