Dear Chief Executive Officer: GME Regional Covered Lives Assessment Rates

December 14, 2023

Dear Chief Executive Officer:

The enclosed schedule provides updated 2024 Regional Covered Lives Assessment (CLA) rates for the 2024 Calendar Year (CY) and includes the 2024 alternative inpatient surcharges. For reporting purposes, these amounts will be reflected in the 2024 service year portion of the Payor Report of Covered Lives Assessment and the Hospital Report of Patient Services Revenues for Inpatient Services.

Pursuant to sections 2807-s and 2807-t of Public Health Law, Covered Lives rates have been adjusted from 2023 based on:

  • Finalized CY 2022 Covered Lives Collections;
  • Finalized CY 2022 Covered Lives Enrollment;
  • Regional allocations; and,
  • Any prior period adjustments.

Please note that legislation was signed at the end of December 2021 which will increase the CLA by $40 million for purposes dedicated to Early Intervention services. $40 million adjustment is reflected in this year's CLA Rates.

This notice has been sent to you because your organization is an electing payor under the New York State's HCRA Pools, paying and reporting directly to the Health Care Reform Act (HCRA) Public Goods Pool. If you use a third party administrator (TPA), we suggest that you contact your TPA directly concerning any questions you may have regarding this notice. Others having questions regarding these rates should contact a HCRA representative at


Emily Hoops-Darling
Bureau Director
Division of Finance and Rate Setting
Office of Health Insurance Programs