Comprehensive Diagnostic and Treatment Centers Schedule of Report and Payment Due Dates

Below is a schedule of mandatory filing/payment due dates for designated HCRA providers and electing payors to the New York Public Goods Pool (even if there is no activity to report).

Reports and payments must be received by the Office of Pool Administration by midnight, Eastern Time, of the 30th day following the report month (adjusted for weekends and holidays), to avoid assessments for late filing penalty and interest. Since payors/providers cannot determine their monthly Public Goods Pool liability until sometime following the last day of the respective reporting month, monthly reports cannot be filed prior to the end of the respective reporting month.

January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 Reporting Period

Report Year 2018 Due Date
January 03/02/2018
February 03/30/2018
March 04/30/2018
April 05/30/2018
May 07/02/2018
June 07/30/2018
July 08/30/2018
August 10/01/2018
September 10/30/2018
October 11/30/2018
November 12/31/2018
December 01/30/2019

Monthly Report and Payment Due Dates for Prior Years