1% Statewide Assessment Schedule of Report and Payment Due Dates

January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024 Reporting Period

Below is a schedule of mandatory filing/payment due dates (even if there is no activity to report) for the 1% Statewide assessment report.

Reports and payments must be received by the Office of Pool Administration by midnight, Eastern Time, of the date indicated in the schedule below (adjusted for weekends and holidays), to avoid assessments for late filing penalty and interest. Hospitals cannot file their 1% Statewide Assessment report until they have filed their Public Goods Pool (PGP) report for the corresponding month (see due dates for hospital´s Public Goods Pool).

Failure to comply by the due dates for either the PGP or the 1% Statewide reports will result in your Medically Indigent/High Need distributions being withheld until the month following the date upon which all reporting requirements have been met.

Report Month Due Date
Jan-24 3/11/2024
Feb-24 4/10/2024
Mar-24 5/10/2024
Apr-24 6/10/2024
May-24 7/10/2024
Jun-24 8/12/2024
Jul-24 9/10/2024
Aug-24 10/10/2024
Sep-24 11/12/2024
Oct-24 12/10/2024
Nov-24 1/10/2025
Dec-24 2/10/2025