Foreign Countries with Universal Health Care

The following listing is provided as a courtesy to use as a reference when determining the applicable surcharge on services provided to foreign patients.

If the patient resides in any of the countries listed, then that patient may be a part of the country's national healthcare system, rather than be insured through a private insurer. If they are part of the country's national healthcare system, that country is deemed to be an unspecified payor and subject only to the current elector surcharge rate which is payable to the provider of services.

While the Department regularly reviews this list and updates it as needed, it cannot attest to its complete accuracy and assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracy that may exist. Providers are encouraged to contact the patient's third party payor for questions regarding a possible association with that country's national health care system. Verifiable documentation in determining the appropriate surcharge rate should be maintained for audit purposes.

Country Start Date of
Universal Health Care
Australia 1975
Austria 1967
Bahrain 1957
Belgium 1945
Brunei 1958
Canada 1966
Cyprus 1980
Denmark 1973
Finland 1972
France 1974
Germany 1941
Greece 1983
Hong Kong 1993
Iceland 1990
Ireland 1977
Israel 1995
Italy 1978
Japan 1938
Kuwait 1950
Luxembourg 1973
Netherlands 1966
New Zealand 1938
Norway 1912
Portugal 1979
Singapore 1993
Slovenia 1972
South Korea 1988
Spain 1986
Sweden 1955
Switzerland 1994
United Arab Emirates 1971
United Kingdom 1948