Medical Indemnity Fund Enrollment Forms

The NYS Medical Indemnity Fund will reopen to prospective enrollees effective June 5, 2024. All applications submitted to the Fund for enrollment remain subject to the eligibility requirements of Public Health Law §§ 2999-h(4) and 2999-j(7).

**Important Notice**

Beginning on November 1st, 2021, all correspondence regarding enrollment, all claims, and general information requests will be submitted directly to PCG at:

or mailed to:

MIF c/o PCG, P.O. Box 784
Greenland, NH 03840-0784

For all other MIF inquiries, e-mail

Fund Enrollment Forms


If you have any questions or need assistance completing any of the forms, please contact us at (855) NYMIF33 | (855) 696-4333 or