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Blood lead testing data and incidence of blood lead levels of 10 micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL) or greater for children less than 18 years of age and residing outside of New York City are now available. Before downloading any data from this site, please read our Data Use Policy Statement

Childhood Blood Lead Testing and Blood Lead Levels by Zip Code

The map shows the percentage of children residing in each county who were tested for lead and identified for the first time within the specified time period to have elevated concentrations of lead in their blood. The dataset contains the number and rate of those children, beginning in 2003.

Confirmed High Blood Lead in Children Aged <72 months by County

This map shows the incidence rate by county of confirmed high blood lead levels, per 1,000 tested children, less than 72 months old, based on the Community Health Indicator Reports.

New York State Community Health Indicator Reports

Developed in 2012 and updated annually, Community Health Indicator Reports improve data links to County Health Assessment Indicators for all communities in New York. The data for over 300 health indicators, organized by 15 health topics, and data tables with links to trend graphs and maps.

The following blood lead testing data is included in the Child and Adolescent Health Indicators section:

  • Percentage of children with a lead screening by 9 months
  • Percentage of children with a lead screening aged 9 - 17 months
  • Percentage of children with a lead screening aged 18 - 35 months
  • Percentage of children with at least two lead screenings by 36 months
  • Incidence of confirmed high blood lead level (≥10 mcg/dL) in children aged less than 72 months.

New York State Department of Health Reports on Childhood Lead Poisoning

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