Opioid-related Data in New York State

In response to the growing opioid public health crisis and recommendations to improve the timeliness of reporting opioid-related data, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Opioid Prevention Program provides opioid-related data to support statewide prevention efforts. These efforts include improving timely opioid overdose reporting to key stakeholders. This information is a valuable tool for planning and can help identify where communities are struggling, help tailor interventions, and show improvements.

This website is designed to provide comprehensive and useful data and information regarding opioid use and misuse. New resources will be added often. Please check back frequently.

New York State Opioid Data Dashboards

New York State Opioid Annual Reports

New York State Opioid Data to Action Reports

The Data to Action Reports are short communications on important topics that provide specific opioid-related data to mobilize public health action. Reports include key messages, quick facts describing the topics, figures illustrating relevant data, language describing recommendations, evidence-based approaches, and suggested actions and resources.

Technical Assistance for Opioid Data Indicators

This section contains resources to help users navigate the data website, understand the indicators, and interpret the data. Additional resources will be added periodically.

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