Talking with Young People About HIV/AIDS & Youth Development

Educational Materials about HIV/AIDS for children

Educational Materials about HIV/AIDS for Teens

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  • Getting It? HIV & STD "Flapper Card" - This card unfolds in a series of flaps, like Japanese origami paper art. Each fold has facts about HIV/STD transmission, testing, and prevention.
  • One Good Reason - This poster promotes condom use to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.
  • Condom/Abstinence Negotiation Wheel - Two-sided wheel provides suggestions for negotiating safer sex with a partner on one side and how to remain abstinent on the other side.
  • True/False Scratch-off Cards - Each card has photos of young people on the front and HIV/AIDS-related statements on the back. Readers scratch off a part of the card to see if the statements are true or false.

HIV/AIDS Curriculum & Comprehensive Sexuality Education Guidelines - Grades K-12

Educational Materials about Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

For additional information about sexually transmitted diseases, please visit our Sexually Transmitted Disease Information page.

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