NYS Coordinating Council for Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementia

The New York State Coordinating Council for Services Related to Alzheimer´s Disease and Other Dementias (Council) was established by Public Health Law § 2004-a (enacted by Chapter 58 of the Laws of 2007, Part B, § 25). The Council was formed to facilitate interagency planning and policy-making, review specific agency initiatives for their impact on services related to the care of persons with dementia and their families, and provide a continuing forum for concerns and discussions related to the formulation of a comprehensive state policy for Alzheimer´s disease (AD).

The Council is charged with providing periodic reports to the Governor and the Legislature. The reports must set forth the Council´s recommendations for state policy relating to dementia and include a review of services initiated and coordinated by public and private agencies to meet the needs of persons with Alzheimer´s disease and other dementias and their families, this report provides a beginning to this review.

These reports provide general information about Alzheimer´s disease and other dementias, an overview of issues, examples, and recommendations to address challenges faced by patients and their caregivers in the community, and outline the next steps for the Council, all of which emanated from both community forums and Council discussions. Future reports will incorporate a strategic plan to address these issues as well as those associated with mild cognitive impairment, and focus on early detection, primary and secondary prevention, and public awareness.

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The Council consists of 21 designees appointed by the Governor and Legislature. Membership represents New York State offices of the Department of Health, Office for the Aging, Education Department, Office of Children and Family Services, Office of Mental Health, Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, and also includes experts in the field of Alzheimer's Disease, other dementia, and elder care issues. Representation includes but is not limited to not-for-profit corporations, clinical or research experts, family members or caregivers.

  • Shelly Aubertine-Fiebich
  • Dr. Louis Belzie
  • Denise Cavanaugh
  • John Cochran
  • Dr. Carl Cohen
  • Teresa Galbier
  • Andrew Lebwohl
  • Dr. William Higgins
  • Catherine James
  • Jed Levine
  • Maxine Smalling
  • Susan Prendergast
  • Elizabeth Smith-Boivin
  • Suzanne Sullivan
  • James Taylor

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