Extreme Heat Advice

Need a place to cool off?

Cooling centers are air-conditioned places to cool down during extreme heat. Recreational areas, including spray parks and community pools, may be included as places to get cool. Find a cooling center near you.

Prevent Heat-related Illness

Heat is on average the greatest weather-related killer in the United States. Heat-related deaths and illness are preventable, yet each year many people suffer from the effects of extreme heat. Some individuals also are at a higher risk for heat-related illness than others.

More Information

Did you know that some New Yorkers are at a higher risk for heat-related illness than others? Learn about Extreme Heat and Health in New York State and how summertime temperatures impact New Yorkers.


  • Heat Index Procedures. The New York State Public High School Athletics Association has adopted extreme heat procedures for NYS public high school athletics departments.
  • Heat and Athletes. This CDC website describes how people who exercise in extreme heat are more likely to become dehydrated and get heat-related illness. It also provides tips for exercising when it's hot outside.


  • Protecting Workers from Heat Illness. Workers may be required to work in hot environments for long periods. This infosheet describes measures employers should take to prevent heat-related illnesses.
  • Heat Illness Prevention. The OSHA Heat Illness Prevention campaign educates employers and workers on the dangers of working in the heat.
  • Acclimatizing Workers. When the heat index is high, special precautions are needed to protect un-acclimatized workers while they adjust, particularly on the first few days of the job.

Heat and Health Data

  • Heat Stress: Explore data on the percent of heat stress hospitalizations and emergency department visits in New York State due to heat.
  • County Heat and Health Profiles help identify populations and neighborhoods at highest risk and help communities prepare for and prevent heat-related illnesses.
  • Heat Vulnerability Index Maps identify areas in the state where people are vulnerable to heat. Heat vulnerability is how likely a person is to be injured or harmed during periods of hot weather.
  • Extreme Heat and Health in New York State presents the latest research on extreme heat and impact on health in New York State.