Healthy Homes

We spend a lot of time in and around our homes. Our homes provide us with shelter and security, but a home that is poorly constructed or poorly maintained can create an environment that is unsafe or unhealthy for residents. The links on this page can help you learn more about your home environment and how you can prevent or get rid of some common health and safety hazards.

Seven Principles of Healthy Homes

What can you do to create a healthy home environment? Follow these Seven Principles of Healthy Homes or use the other links on this page to learn about specific issues:

  1. Keep it dry
  2. Keep it clean
  3. Keep it well-ventilated
  4. Keep it pest-free
  5. Keep it contaminant-free
  6. Keep it safe
  7. Keep it well-maintained

Common Housing Hazards and Conditions

These are some common hazards or conditions you may find in your home. To learn more about your home environment and for information about how to minimize these common hazards, select the topics below.

Programs and Activities in the State Health Department

Many different agencies and community organizations operate programs aimed at monitoring and reducing the burden of housing-related illness and injury in New York State, including these programs that are overseen by the New York State Department of Health: