Medicare Savings Program FAQs

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EPIC Website FAQs

1. What is the Medicare Savings Program (MSP)?

The Medicare Savings Program (MSP) is Medicaid-adminsistered program that can assit people with limited income in paying their Medicare Premiums.

2. Can you have EPIC and MSP together?

Yes, you can be enrolled in both programs.

When you enroll in MSP, you will automatically qualify for “Extra Help. Seniors can save significantly more on their prescription costs.

3. How can I apply for MSP?

EPIC members that are income eligibile will receive a MSP application or you can contact the Medicare Rights Center and they can help you apply for MSP. Call 800-333-4114 for more information. You can also contact your local Department of Social Services and ask for a copy of the application to mail in or apply in person.

4. What is the eligibility for the Medicare Savings Program (MSP)?

There are two levels to qualify for MSP.

  1. Qualifying Individual (QI) - The 2023 monthly income levels for QI are $2,260 for single, and $3,057 for couples, with no asset limit.
  2. Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) - The 2023 monthly income for QMB is $1,677 for single, and $2,268 for couples, with no asset limit.

5. Do I have to complete the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) application that I receive from EPIC?

Yes, you are required to complete the MSP application to maintain your EPIC coverage. Please complete and return with copies of your Social Security card, Medicare Card, Birth Certificate (Passport or Green card), proof of address (Utility Bill), and proof of income (Social Security Award Letter, Income Tax return, Paystub).