Managed Long Term Care
Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Transition
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Q. Is transportation available to Managed Long Term Care members who are in the process of recertifying their eligibility for enrollment in MLTC?

A. Members who have submitted recertification documents and are in pending status can request transportation in limited scenarios, restricted to trips to dialysis or chemotherapy. Members should always call MAS or use their online system to request transportation as a first step. If they are unable to schedule transportation because of their enrollment status, they can contact MAS’ Customer Care Team at 315-915-9498 or

MAS will inquire about recertification status with Local District Support staff, and work with transportation providers to schedule these trips. Members who are able to use their own transportation to get to and from Medicaid-covered medical services while they are in the process of recertifying eligibility may submit for mileage reimbursement consideration once full enrollment is processed.

Q. Will the MLTC plan still be responsible for setting up transportation?

A. No. The NEMT benefit is leaving MLTC, so the plans PMPM reimbursement will no longer include compensation for this service. The team at MAS can handle all non-emergency medical transportation requests. However, for plans wishing to assist members by coordinating with MAS for transportation as part of care management responsibilities, MAS is developing a plan coordinator role within their online system for transportation requests. This role will be developed and announced in the coming weeks. There are some exceptions regarding Social Adult Day Care (SADC) transportation, which is addressed in the following question.

Q. Will the MLTC plan still be responsible for setting up and coordinating Social Adult Day Care (SADC) transportation?

A. SADC programs that currently handle their own transportation either with their own vehicles, or by contracting directly with a transportation provider, will continue providing their own transportation after the carve out (March 1, 2024). These SADC programs should continue to bill their Plan as they have been.

SADC program transportation that is currently provided by the Plan or by the Plan broker will be transitioned to MAS effective March 1, 2024. As such, it is important for Plans to include and identify these SADC trips in their data that is being sent to MAS to assure continuity of this transportation. MAS will train the appropriate Plan contacts on entering these SADC trips into their system as standing orders.

Q. When the member is dual eligible, will transportation requests be authorized by MAS?

A. Yes, prior authorization from MAS is required. The only exception is for BLS (Basic Life Support) or ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance. Ambulance service does not require prior authorization from MAS.

Q. How does a member contact MAS, beginning March 1, 2024?

A. Members can call MAS.

  • Members residing in New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Putnam, and Westchester counties should dial 1-844-666-6270.
  • Members in all other counties should dial 1-866-932-7740.

Q. Will MLTC members be able to book their own trips online?

A. Yes. Your members will have access to the MAS online portal to book their own trips. Some exceptions apply. Go to to create an account.

Q. Can members book their own standing orders through MAS?

A. It is NYS Medicaid NEMT Policy that standing orders are requested by medical facility staff using the MAS System online.

Q. How much notice does MAS require to schedule a trip?

A. For non-emergent routine appointments, MAS requires 72 hours advanced notice. For trips more urgent in nature (e.g. sick visits, urgent care, hospital discharge, dialysis, etc.), same day requests can be accommodated. Medical facility staff are able to request same day transports on behalf of the enrollee.

Q. Can we set up our IVR system to transfer members to MAS when calling to request/change transportation?

A. No. This benefit is no longer included in the MLTC service catalog. As such, it is important that your members are educated to understand what is included in each plan. Providing the MAS contact information or offering a warm handoff helps provide this education.

Q. What if we have specialized rates with some of our providers to handle more complex cases?

A. It is imperative that MAS is informed about any of these situations immediately. To ensure continuity of care, MAS needs to have this conversation with those providers in advance of any trip requests.

Q. Acupuncture is a covered service for MAP members. Will trips to acupuncture be covered?

A. Yes, MAP members can request trips to and from Medicaid-covered acupuncture appointments.

Q. How do members or member representatives file complaints about their transportation services?

Complaints can be entered securely here: concerns/ or members and/or member representatives can call the MAS Contact Center at the number below for their region:

  • Upstate: 866-932-7740
  • Downstate: 844-666-6270

Q. Where do I find more information about MAS?

A. A one pager was provided with links to several resources related to NEMT on the MAS website.

Q. Who should Plans reach out to with questions?

A. NYSDOH at or Dave Spagnolo, MAS Director MLTC Relations,, 716-946-3427.

The MAS website provides several resources related to Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation. There are specific sections for Enrollees, Medical Providers, Transportation Providers, references to NYSDOH Policy. Below, you will find links to sections of the MAS website that will be most valuable to the MLTC plans.

Enrollee Resources
  • Contact Center - the MAS Contact Center phone numbers are found here
  • Scheduling Guidelines - this section describes what information is required to schedule transportation to ensure prompt service
  • Modes of Transit - MAS identifies and assigns the most appropriate and cost-effective transportation mode for the enrollee. The various modes of transportation are described here.
  • Forms & Resources - various forms, such as mileage reimbursement forms, can be found here
  • Create an Account - the enrollee can request access to the MAS portal to schedule their own transportation
  • Complaint Resolution- all feedback related to Medicaid Transportation
  • Transportation Provider Search - a listing of MAS Network providers

Mileage Reimbursements

Medical Providers
  • Forms & Resources - NYS policy related to verification of transportation modality and common medical marketing area is found here
    • NYS Form-2015 Policy
    • NYS Form-2020 Policy
    • NYSDOH Standing Order Policy