HFW and EI MAPP HHTS Flag Announcement

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Children's Care Management Service High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) and Early Intervention (EI) Flag in MAPP HHTS

TO: Health Homes Serving Children (HHSC), Care Management Agencies (CMAs), and Medicaid Managed Care Plans and HIV Special Needs Plans (MMCPs)

DATE: July 26, 2023

This notice is a follow up to the MAPP information released 2022 regarding the establishment of a "flag" within MAPP HHTS to identify High Fidelity Wrap (HFW) and Early Intervention (EI) cases being served by Health Home Serving Children Care Managers.

Effective immediately, Health Home Care Managers who serve HFW members or who are designated to serve dually eligible children for EI and HH (HHCMA/EI OSC), must ensure the "Flag" is populated. Health Homes must ensure that Care Management Agencies have a process for making any updates to this information at least weekly.

HFW Flag - Only used by CMAs who have been approved by Office of Mental Health (OMH), Department of Health (DOH) and their Lead Health Home and trained by OMH as HFW care managers serving HFW members.

EI Flag - Only used by CMAs who have been designated by Office of Health Insurance Programs and the Bureau of Early Intervention and approved by their Lead Health Home as Health Home Care Managers/Early Intervention On-going Service Coordinators (HHCM/EI OSC), to serve children who are dually eligible for EI and HH.

The MAPP HHTS was pre-load with identified HFW cases on June 13, 2023, from an OMH list within the system to flag those members previously and currently being served for HFW care management. Early Intervention will not be pre-loaded; care managers will need to add the flag manually for these cases.

This flag indicates a start and end date (if applicable) for HFW and EI care management services. Health Home Care Managers are responsible for maintaining, updating, and adding new flags for HFW and EI on a weekly basis.

For MAPP HHTS technical information regarding this new flag please see: Medicaid Analytics Performance Portal (MAPP) (ny.gov) and Children's HCBS Information in the MAPP HHTS (ny.gov). Questions regarding MAPP HHTS send to MAPP CCC at MAPP- Customercarecenter@cma.com

Questions about HFW or EI care management can be sent to HealthHomes@health.ny.gov with the subject line "Care Management/Health Home Core Services-HHSC ONLY".

For information on HFW eligibility and who may serve these members please visit HFW Overview - NYS SOC "Wraparound Certified Case Management Availability".