Health Home Serving Children (HHSC)

The New York State Health Home Program was launched in 2012. While children who meet the Health Home eligibility requirements have been eligible for Health Home enrollment since that time, it has been the intent of the State to work with existing Health Homes and other providers to tailor New York State´s Health Home Model to better serve children and to recognize the important differences in the approach to care management and planning for children and adults. The links below provide important information, guidance and presentation/webinars that has been developed by the State (e.g. The New York State Department of Health, the Office of Mental Health, the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, and the Office of Children and Family Services) in consultation with Health Homes, Managed Care Plans, children´s advocates and other stakeholders to tailor the Health Home model to better serve children. The Health Home Serving Children’s (HHSC) program was launched in December 2016, with 16 Health Homes designated to serve children. Of the 16 designated Health Homes, 13 of these Health Homes were already serving adults. Visit our Find a Health Home page to locate a Health Home by county and to access contact information for each Health Home.

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    Previous Webinar Materials for both Health Home Serving Adults and Health Homes Serving Children
    Upcoming Health Home Trainings and Webinars

    Presentation Date Time Description/Topic Presenter Target Audience
    February 2019
    Wednesday, February 20, 2019 1:00-2:30pm Health Home Serving Adults Operations Biweekly Webinar- Performance Measure Dashboard Demo DOH HHs
    Wednesday, February 27, 2019 1:00-2:30pm Health Home Serving Children Implementation Policy Bi-Weekly Webinar DOH HHs and CMAs

    Children’s Behavioral Health Transition to Managed Care

    Announcement – Launch of the CANS–NY Training & Technical Assistance Institute – January 30, 2018

    Announcement – Launch of the CANS–NY Institute Website – June 26, 2018

    New Requirement to Attend In-Person CANS-NY Training – May, 2018 – Updated December, 2018 (PDF)

    CANS-NY Training Forced Progression Announcement – October 15, 2018

    CANS-NY Institute
    Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-833-802-2267

      CANS–NY In Person Training Announcement (PDF)

      The NYS Department of Health and Chapin Hall are hosting CANS–NY introductory and supervisory trainings across the State throughout 2019. To register for these trainings:

      • Log on to
      • On the home page, choose “New York” as the Category for the calendar
      • Click on the training date that works best for you
      • Click “Details” to view the training’s registration page and register
      • You will receive an email notification regarding your registration and a second email confirming that your registration has been approved.

      CANS–NY Introductory Training for NYS Health Homes Serving Children: Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management & CANS–NY for NYS Health Homes Serving Children

      This introductory training will prepare attendees to take their certification examination. Training also will prepare participants for meaningful use of the CANS–NY with health home youth and families. These are introductory TCOM/CANS–NY trainings, and are being provided for providers and health home care managers who are not yet certified in the CANS–NY, and those who are not yet familiar with the use of CANS–NY in health home care management.

      Date Location Capacity
      February 14, 2019
      9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      University at Albany, School of
      Public Health
      1 University Place (Auditorium)
      Rensselaer, NY 12144
      115 people
      February 27, 2019
      9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      Hamaspik of Kings County
      4102 14th Ave
      Brooklyn, NY 11219
      75 people

      CANS–NY Supervisor Training for NYS Health Homes Serving Children: Supervision and Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM)

      This full–day training gives an overview of the ways that the CANS–NY has been used to meaningfully manage different service sectors in New York. Additionally, provide a developmental and cultural framework for the implementation of TCOM and the CANS–NY in supervision and care management. Care management supervisors will learn how to supervise around collaborative assessment, care planning, and progress monitoring with the CANS–NY. Strategies for supporting cultural humility and culturally responsive care, and integrating CANS–NY information into individual supervision and team development are presented. Time will be provided for supervisors to practice skills presented and participate in small–group discussion of relevant issues that arise in supervising the CANS–NY in Health Home care management.

      Date Location Capacity
      February 28, 2019
      9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      Hamaspik of Kings County
      4102 14th Ave
      Brooklyn, NY 11219
      75 people

      The NYS Department of Health (DOH) along with its State partners of the Office of Mental Health (OMH) and the NYS Office of Children and Families (OCFS), have collaborated with Dr. John Lyons in the development of a comprehensive version of the CANS for New York State, as presented in July 2015, hereafter known as the CANS–NY. The CANS–NY serves as a guide in decision making for Health Homes Serving Children regarding acuity, as well as to guide service planning specifically for children and adolescents under the age of 21 with behavioral needs, medical needs, mental retardation/developmental disabilities, and juvenile justice involvement. Training and certification in the CANS–NY is required to complete the CANS–NY in order to bill for care management as a Health Home Serving Children. If you are viewing the previously recorded training please refer to the link below to take the certification test offered through Praed Foundation.

      • CANS–NY and the UAS–NY
    Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths–NY (CANS–NY)
    • Child Adolescent Needs and Strengths–NY (CANS–NY)
    • CANS–NY 0–5 (Updated PDF) Modified CANS–NY for Health Home
    • CANS–NY 6–21 (Updated PDF) Modified CANS–NY for Health Home

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