Property Cost Verification

Documents associated with Property Cost Verification:

  • Final Expenditure Report (PDF) - (XLS)
    This is a read-only file. You must download it to your computer and name the file according to the specifications below.
  • Instructions for Completing Final Report (Web) - (PDF)

How to submit for Property Cost Verification

Save and submit the FER file in both excel and pdf format as: Op Cert # - FER (Example: #1234567-FER)

Save necessary supporting documents as: Op Cert # - Documents (Example: #1234567-Financing)

Send all submissions to:


Subject: Agency name/ Site address/ Op Cert # - FER (Example: ABCD Services/ 99 Albany Ave/ #1234567-FER Submission)

  • Completed FER File (#12345678- FER) - Excel Format
  • Completed FER File (#1234567- FER) - PDF Format
  • Supporting Documents (#12345678- Financing) (If necessary)

Documents associated with Real Estate Taxes, Common Area Maintenance Charges and Co-op Fees:

How to submit for Charges and Taxes Worksheet

Save and submit the CTW file in both excel format as: Corporation ID # - CTW (Example: #12345- CTW)

Save necessary supporting documents as: Corporation ID # - Documents (Example: #12345- CTW)

Send all submissions to:


Subject: Agency name/ #12345-CTW Submission)


  • Completed CTW File (#12345- CTW) - Excel Format
  • Supporting Documents (#12345- Supporting Documents)

Lease Indices

Lease indices are calculated by the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OWPDD) and are listed for calendar/fiscal years 2012 through 2024.