OLP Travel


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Rate Code Description Annual UR medical necessity review standard Unit Type Unit Limits (Claim Line level) Productivity Adjustment 1st 6 mos of Waiver Downstate Fee Productivity Adjustment Months 7–12 of Waiver Downstate Fee Year 2+ Downstate Fee Productivity Adjustment 7/1/18–12/31/18 Upstate Fee Productivity Adjustment 1/1/19–6/30/19 Upstate Fee Year 2+ Upstate Fee
Travel Supplement (per mile) n/a per mile 60 miles n/a n/a $ 0.54 n/a n/a $ 0.48
Travel Supplement (public transportation) n/a per round trip 31 n/a n/a $ 5.50 n/a n/a $ 4.90