DSRIP Mid-Point Assessment

The Mid–Point Assessment is a required component of the New York Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program as identified in Section VIII.11.d. of the Special Terms and Conditions (STCs) of the 1115 Waiver that governs the DSRIP Program. The requirements of the Mid–Point Assessment are further detailed in Section VI.d. in Attachment I of the STCs.

The following links contain the Mid–Point Assessment draft document, summary of public comments, redline and final documents:

DSRIP Mid–Point Assessment Timeline and Updates:

DSRIP Mid–Point Assessment Recommendations and Supplemental Documents

PPS Project and Organizational Narratives:

With their DY2, Q1 Quarterly Report submission via MAPP, PPS are required to submit a narrative for each project they are implementing as well as a narrative for the organizational components of the DSRIP project.

The following templates are for PPS to use in the submission of narratives:

360 Survey:

In August 2016, a web based 360 survey will be sent to selected network partners of each PPS. The selection of the partners for the survey will be based on the current PPS network and will include partners from every provider type to ensure a cross-section of PPS partners. PPS will be notified of the sample participants by mid-July and will have ten (10) days to provide the requested contact information. The 360 survey will be released to selected partners on August 1, 2016 and all responses are expected by no later than August 31, 2016.

PPS Lead Financial Stability Test:

As in November 2014, PPS are required to complete a PPS Lead Financial Stability Test. The test will follow the exact same process and will rely on the same measures as were used previously. The PPS Leads must return the completed Financial Stability Test to the Independent Assessor (IA) by August 31, 2016 by emailing DSRIP_Midpoint@pcgus.com.

Provider Network Modifications:

A network reopening is planned for August 2016 to allow for PPS network additions only. There will also be a second reopening following the submission of the Mid–Point Assessment recommendations to CMS that will allow for any further additions a PPS will need to make based on the results of the Mid–Point Assessment. The attached PPS Network Modification Template should be used by the PPS to request the removal of network partners. PPS must submit the PPS Network Modification Template to the IA via the DSRIP_Midpoint@pcgus.com in January 2017 after Mid–Point Assessment recommendations are received and PPS have the opportunity to make final decisions on network modifications. PPS must provide justification and supporting documentation for the removal of network partners in line with the DSRIP Mid–Point Assessment requirements.

PPS On–Site Reviews:

The IA will be conducting on–site reviews at each PPS from August through September 2016. Details on the specific topics for the on-site reviews will be communicated to the PPS.

Questions can be directed to IA at DSRIP_Midpoint@pcgus.com.