How to Enroll in the VFC Program

In order to join the NYS VFC Program, providers must:

To prepare for participating in the program and the enrollment visit, providers should have the following available:

  • Refrigerators and freezers capable of maintaining appropriate temperatures. Standalone refrigerators and standalone freezers are required with initial enrollment in the VFC Program. See Storage Unit Purchasing Guidance.
  • Certified calibrated temperature monitoring devices including their calibration certificates. Continuous temperature monitoring devices or data loggers are strongly recommended. See Temperature Monitoring Device Guidance.
  • The name of a vaccine coordinator and at least one back up who will be responsible for receiving vaccine, monitoring temperatures and ordering vaccine.
  • An individualized emergency vaccine storage plan which includes protocols on the safe transport of vaccines. Vaccine coordinators and/or backup coordinators are responsible for execution of the plan when indicated.
  • A procedure describing how the provider office will screen for and record patients' vaccine eligibility and record doses administered in NYSIIS.
  • Access to the Health Commerce System (HCS) and NYSIIS.

New providers will be contacted by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to schedule an enrollment site visit prior to being authorized to order vaccine.

By enrolling or re-enrolling in the program, providers agree with the VFC Program requirements listed on pages 4-6 and the Storage and Handling requirements listed on pages 14-15 of the VFC Enrollment Packet. The physician who signs the agreement (Provider of Record) and all other immunization providers at each VFC-enrolled practice are accountable for compliance with these requirements.”

Annual Re-Enrollment Process

Each year providers must re-enroll in the VFC Program by submitting a VFC Provider Re-Enrollment Packet in the Vaccine Program Re-Enrollment module in NYSIIS. Submissions using the initial VFC Enrollment Packet will not be accepted for re-enrollment. Providers will receive email notices regarding the annual re-enrollment process and deadlines.

Site Visits

VFC providers must participate in site visits conducted by NYSDOH Bureau of Immunization staff and local health department staff. Site visits are conducted to evaluate and promote compliance with the laws, policies and recommendations of: the VFC Program, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedules, as published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The practice's vaccine coordinator must attend the site visit. The Provider of Record and all staff who have access to vaccine should also be available to provide or receive feedback.

These visits include:

  • VFC Enrollment Site Visit. The visit includes an initial assessment to certify that the provider has the capacity to adequately store and administer vaccine to eligible children.
  • VFC Compliance Site Visit. Providers are visited at least once every two years to assure that they maintain compliance with program requirements such as screening and maintaining records for eligibility, and adhering to storage and handling requirements.
  • VFC Unannounced Storage and Handling Site Visit. These visits are conducted, as needed, to follow-up on storage, handling or accountability issues noted during a previous visit or based on other concerns related to the provider's ability to meet program requirements. Providers are not notified about these visits before the visits are conducted.